Hospitali ya Rufaa Mkoa wa Katavi
(Mpanda Hospitali)


Katavi Regional Referral Hospital is located at Rungwa Street found in Kazima ward, Mpanda Municipal Council. It was established in July 2018 under Ministry of Health.

Katavi regional referral hospital is among the 28 regional referral hospitals in Tanzania located in Mpanda Municipality. It was established in 2017 after the establishment of Katavi Region in 2017. The hospital was registered through the government gazette with registration number 105336-2. Due to the President of the United Republic of Tanzania to upgrade the hospital of Regions to become Regional Referral Hospitals in July 2018, In the same year the hospital was also promoted to Katavi Regional Referral Hospital after meeting the criteria.

In July 2018 the hospital was transferred to the Ministry of Health. Due to the instructions and guidelines issued by the government, the hospital continued to use the buildings of the Mpanda Municipality hospital with a special agreement while the procedure for the construction of the new Regional Referral hospital was being carried out.

Due to the increase in the need for referral services and the increase in population in the Katavi Region, in 2019 the Regional Government managed the acquisition of an area with a size of 30.91 hectares located in Rungwa Ward, Mpanda Municipality Block A Plot No. 391.

In 2019 the activities of the construction of the hospital began. The construction was done by starting the buildings of Wing A and Wing B at the same time. Later, the forces were directed to complete the building of Wing A.

In 2021, the construction continued after the availability of funds through the Central Government and the funds of IMF Development projects. Buildings that are under construction and have reached various stages are Wing A building, Laboratory building, ICU and EMD buildings as well as other buildings.

February 13, 2023 the hospital officially started providing services after the completion of some buildings and important systems needed to start providing services. However, the hospital continues with the construction of other buildings to ensure that all the necessary services are provided.

The hospital sends patient referrals to regional hospitals in Mbeya (550 km), Bugando Hospital in Mwanza 745 km, KCMC Hospital in Kilimanjaro 1265 km and Muhimbili National Hospital 1500 km